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Lesson Plans Now Available on Mensa For Kids Web Site

From Jill Beckham, Foundation Director, American Mensa Ltd.

Attention teachers, homeschooling parents and involved family members: The Mensa Education & Research Foundation is sponsoring a series of lesson plans for grades Kindergarten through 12. Designed to challenge gifted children, these plans cover topics from the alphabet to the periodic table of elements, from Fibonacci numbers to the Seven Wonders of the World. Since they are designed to be completed with minimal supervision, they serve as independent coursework either in the traditional classroom or outside it.

These lesson plans will be available through the Mensa For Kids Web site in the Parent/Teacher Resources section (; or click on the "Learn More" schoolhouse and follow the Parent/Teacher Resources link. You can view the course materials online and download complete copies to hand to your favorite gifted student(s). The first lessons to go online are "The Moon" (first grade), "The Cell" (fifth grade) and "The American Dream" (grades 11 and 12). New plans will be published periodically, and you can sign up online to get email alerts when new plans are published.

If you're curious to see what the Mensa Foundation has come up with, how intrigued do you think your bright young minds will be? Visit and download a new path of learning today!

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