Welcome to the Minnesota chapter of Mensa. Mensa is the world’s oldest and largest high intelligence society.

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My favorite part of being a member of Mensa is the opportunity to have intelligent conversations. If someone starts discussing dragonflies, (not an arbitrary example), I know she will have something worthwhile to say. When I want to say something about Sherlock Holmes, people will know who that is without any further explanation. If an explanation on a more esoteric subject is necessary, members will understand the explanation.

Seth in Eagan

What Members Say

A friend dared me to take the Mensa test because she thought I’d “ace” it (in her words). When the invitation arrived to join Mensa, I joined. The first thing I did was to attend a First Friday event. I was nervous, but the people I met welcomed me with warmth and enthusiasm, and I had a blast talking with new acquaintances about jokes, puns, science fiction, writing, and cosmology. I’d found my people!

Cinda in Minneapolis

What Members Say

When I joined Mensa following my divorce in 1992, I was hoping to meet intelligent, single women and, indeed, I did. I’ve become friends with many Mensa women in the 30 years since, and a few of those became close relationships. Mensa has also provided me with a continuing connection that has helped me feel welcome when moving to a new city for work in North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Minnesota. I’ve enjoyed attending Annual Gatherings in 1998 (Cincinnati), 2000 (Philadelphia), 2003 (St. Paul), 2005 (New Orleans), and 2008 (Denver).

Wayne in Winona