About the Program

Nearly a half-century before Airbnb, an innovative Mensa member conceived the idea that our network of members could be used to aid each other in travel. Sure, the web has plenty of travel resources that weren’t available a few decades ago, but the SIGHT program offers what nothing else can: New Mensa friends.

The SIGHT program connects travelers with members along the journey and the destination. Within Minnesota, across the United States, or around the world, find members to make the most of your travel experience. SIGHT Hosts offer a range of services from information to food and lodging. Go beyond the usual to find the unique places only locals know.

Maybe you do not travel much yourself, but still want to meet other members from faraway places. From that little protrusion at the top of the state around International Falls to the bluffs along the Mississippi at La Crescent and further south, Minnesota is a prominent tourism destination. And we are a big business destination, too, with the corporate headquarters of 33 Fortune 1,000 companies. Meet Mensa travelers who come here no matter the reason or the season. Show off our great Minnesota hospitality as a SIGHT Host.

Elizabeth in Woodbury, Minnesota SIGHT Coordinator



Members start planning their journey by submitting requests to Mensa with essential travel information, such as dates and locations, and the types of services they need. An international network of SIGHT Coordinators matches desired services with SIGHT Hosts in the travel area. Hosts choose to accept requests, and then people start meeting their new Mensa friends.


Members register with Mensa as a SIGHT Host and indicate what hospitality they provide. Basic options include Mensa activities, sightseeing guidance, travel information, impromptu Mensa open houses, or a you-decide-what other offering. When there is a match, the local SIGHT Coordinator will provide information about the traveler, and you decide if what they need works for you.


You may also choose to provide services like transportation, meals, and lodging. (Yes, you can request compensation.) What an excellent opportunity to get to know your guests even better. Perhaps it’s sitting around in the evening after a day of sightseeing or meetings, sharing each other’s stories. As the host, you and your new Mensa friends can make that happen.

Member Experiences

I traveled to Manila in 2015 and contacted Mensa Philippines. I asked if they had any events that I could attend while I was there. They didn’t, but they decided to put together an impromptu dinner for me. We talked about what I was doing in Manila, which was helping CARE’s accounting group by teaching a process improvement class. I learned that one of the members worked as a physician on the support staff for the CBS show Survivor: Philippines. Another told terrible puns. I was delighted to meet them all and we keep in touch via the Mensa Philippines Facebook group.